Astaro PostgreSQL Fix

For some months now my Astaro firewall was unable to start the PostgreSQL service on boot. Since this didn’t seem to have any real impact on function or performance, I started some feeble attempts at fixing it but never succeeded until today.


The solution is quite easy: After logging in as root on the Astaro’s console, you just have to move all the databases and the reposting logs out of the way:

cd /var/storage/pgsql
mv data data.broken
cd /var/log/reporting
mv pgsql pgsql.broken

Afterwards, just start the PostgreSQL service manually:

/etc/init.d/postgresql start

I also noticed that running without PostgreSQL actually did have some (minor) impact. After restarting the service I got delivered some mails that had hung in the queue since January 6. Will have to flush all the queues to make sure everything is clean again, I guess.