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Move it, move it (a.k.a. “Screw it up the IBM way”)

I work with web sites for a living. I give them a place to live, I trash them when they’re no longer needed and I also move them. And believe me, moving a site is the trickiest of the jobs. But in all of my professional life, I’ve never ever seen a blunder like this (output shortened for brevity):

crow:~$ dig
; < <>> DiG 9.6.0-APPLE-P2 < <>>
;		IN	A


Really. Did they outsource the last thinking person in their networking department? Ok, maybe they fixed it and the change just hasn’t trickled down. So let’s try a different approach (again, shortened:)

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I’m walkin’ …

Well, this looks less damage than it actually is:

The other car completely tore off the back left edge of my van.


But you should see the other car involved. Luckily noone got injured.

Update: As per request here’s a better view of the damage to my car. ;)

H1N1 FluTracker

If you’re interested in the progress of the H1N1 swine flu, you might want to check out the Rhizalabs site. They even offer some code to integrate the tracker into other sites. However, said code is utterly broken for they keep regenerating the page with using timestamped names whenever updated numbers arrive. To fix this, you might want to use this little snippet of PHP code:

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Du rettest den Freund nicht mehr

Sehr schöner Sprengsatz:

Thomas Steg, der sich heute als stellvertretender Regierunssprecher verabschiedet, ist um seinen neuen Job nicht zu beneiden: Kommunikationschef des SPD-Kanzlerkandidaten Frank-Walter Steinmeier. (…) Kommunikationsexperten können nicht erfolgreicher sein als das Produkt, das sie verkaufen. Und Stegs Produkt heißt Steinmeier, das laut Umfragen seit Monaten wie Blei in den Regalen liegt.

Am schönsten finde ich persönlich die Aussage zu Mümmelpfennig. Aber wahrscheinlich, weil ich das Gleiche schon seit Jahren sage.


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Alda Tschau

Wenn man jung ist kann das Leben noch so einfach sein. Ich befürchte nur, so wird das nicht wirklich was mit der Kündigung ;)


Microsoft, OOXML and the ISO

Microsoft plays to win. As a result, it seems to regard any legal means as justified, and sometimes even strays outside the law, as the US anti-trust case demonstrated. In the context of marketplace rough-and-tumble, such aggressiveness is perhaps acceptable, but in other realms, there may be serious collateral damage. A good example of where that is the case is Microsoft’s behaviour during the OOXML standardisation process at the ISO.


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Open Source inspires Open Music

When O Teatro Magico sell CDs at their shows, they remind buyers “you can download the music for free on the internet, you know” yet people buy their disks by the 100s of 1000s. In fact, they are one of the top selling bands and top-grossing club acts in Brazil. And they do this by giving their audience what they want, not telling their audience what to do.


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Michael Jackson dead

As reported on several web sites and also on TV:

We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.
Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.


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Eclipse 3.5 Galileo released

By far the largest Eclipse release ’til now. And what’s most important for me: Updated PDT versions are also available right at launch.

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Sorry for being unclear

I guess one of my latest comments was misinterpreted. If you want to leave a comment on any of the posts here, you’re very welcome. But do so in either English or German. Every other language will not be accepted and thus your comment will be deleted. Thanks for reading and understanding ;)

Shakes & Fidget

Shakes and Fidget If you’re a bit into computer games and especially the RPGs, you’ll love Shakes & Fidget – even if the current online selection is somewhat crippled by recent actions of Activision Blizzard. Still: A must-read.

How To Convert Any Video File Format Under Linux

This video tutorial will explain how to losslessly convert any video file format, including quicktime .mov, flash .flv files, open source .ogv, .mp4, .wmv, .asf and more. I show you how to install ffmpeg, check the formats and codecs available to you, convert a file to a new format (windows media and .asf in this example) without any loss in quality during the decoding and encoding process, and create and run a script file that will enable you to run a batch conversion on any number of files at the same time.

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Astaro PostgreSQL Fix

For some months now my Astaro firewall was unable to start the PostgreSQL service on boot. Since this didn’t seem to have any real impact on function or performance, I started some feeble attempts at fixing it but never succeeded until today.

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