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ReadyNAS iSCSI: New Version from SVN fixes Windows client disconnect

The latest revision (r212) from SVN for the iSCSI Enterprise Target fixes a bug that could cause Windows clients to lose the connection to the iSCSI target. So I decided to upgrade the iSCSI Target for ReadyNAS right away. From the SVN log:

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Rip, Store and Stream

ripnasJust found the RipNAS system on the web. The concept sounds interesting: Use 2.5″ notebook HDDs together with an Intel Atom CPU and plenty of RAM, add a CD-ROM drive and you get your noiseless automatic ripping station.

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ReadyNAS: New “Sarge” Repository

While playing with my old but trusty ReadyNAS NV I found that most if not all official Debian mirrors by now have deleted their archives of “Sarge”. No wonder, since that release is quite dated now. However, the operating system of the ReadyNAS is based on “Sarge” which makes installation of addons almost impossible. Luckily I found some mirrors in Taiwan and Croatia that still had all the files.

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Developing on the ReadyNAS: The right Config

One reason why I like the ReadyNAS products from Netgear is that they’re basically Linux system. That means in theory I can compile and use all the stuff that’s out there in the Open Source. In reality, this sometimes isn’t just that easy. Especially on the NV/NV+/Duo/1100.

That’s because some projects still use very old versions of




to determine the system they are being compiled on. You will recognize such applications by the error “unknown system type” when trying to compile them on your ReadyNAS. But this can be fixed easily.

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ReadyNAS: New RAIDiator – Same iSCSI Target ;)

Netgear recently updated the ReadyNAS firmware to RAIDiator 4.1.5. This version contains some fixes and updates but doesn’t change the base kernel version used. Thus, the iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS will continue to work unchanged.

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NcFTP 3.2.1 for ReadyNAS

Today I finally got fed up enough with the crippled and outdated version of NcFTP shipped with the ReadyNAS that I compiled my own version. The result is ncftp-3.2.1-ReadyNas.tar.gz.

Installation ist quite easy:

  1. If you haven’t done already, install the ReadyNAS extensions ToggleSSH and EnableRootSSH
  2. Copy the file to your ReadyNAS, preferrably to the /root directory using scp.
  3. Log on to the shell of your ReadyNAS using ssh as user “root”.
  4. Change to the / directory, eg “cd /”.
  5. Unpack the archive using “tar xzf /path/to/ncftp-3.2.1-ReadyNas.tar.gz”
  6. Enjoy

All files will be unpacked to /usr/local, not overwriting any existing copies of the ncftp tools previously installed. To use the new version you may have to log out and log in again.
As always: Works for me, ymmv. If using this software breaks your ReadyNAS you own the parts.

Nice ReadyNAS Widget

Just stumbled over this little gem which in fact is a bit older already:

Gives a nice overview of the ReadyNAS‘s health for Mac users. Sorry for the Windows world though: still no widget for you.