Connect a Mac to a Minolta 2490MF

This isn’t a very common problem but since the solution is simple, it may come in handy. Konica-Minolta is one of the rare companies that doesn’t provide Mac drivers for at least some of their printers. Luckily enough not all of their printers are manufactured by Konica-Minolta either. So to print on a MagiColor 2490MF simply install the printer drivers for the Xerox 6115MFP. Works great via both, USB and network connection.

4 thoughts on “Connect a Mac to a Minolta 2490MF

  1. Andrea

    I just bought a MacBook Pro, and am trying this fix to hook up my Konica Minolta Magicolor 2490MF via my network. I got the Xerox driver downloaded and installed… but can’t seem to find how to add the printer (which is on my network via my router) to the MacBook. Can you point me in the right direction?

  2. Stefan Rubner Post author


    Just add the printer via the “settings” panel, e.g. open “Settings”, go to “Printer / Scanner” and there klick on the “+” below the list of already installed printers/scanners. In the new window that opens click on “IP” and enter the IP address of your printer in the form that comes up. Select “HP Jet Direct” for the socket type and set the printer driver to the Xerox one you installed. That should be all.


  3. Andrea

    You, sir, are amazing! It worked like a charm – thank you kindly!

  4. Julie

    Yes, you are! Worked for me too. Had to install OS 6 rather than OS7 driver as there wasnt one for the later OS.

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