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  1. mark bettley-smith

    MySql-backup add on for readynas pro. installed now i cannot access my add ons as frontview has hung, using latest 0.1.7 version Help


  2. ikbennietsaai

    So, as you know i installed SickBeard, ran the update (that went well), ran the update a second time because the master had an error, but that did not go well.
    Now every time i try to run the Sickbeard service i get’ Sickbeard Service failed to start’.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled Sickbeard several times, but no luck. I removed the .sickbeard folder on C:\ as well. Do you know of other files i should purge, to fully clean my old sickbeard installation?

  3. gx1400

    I think something in the most recent update broke the ability for the script to autostart. I can manually start sickbeard with ‘python /usr/share/sickbeard/Sickbeard.py’, but it will only run as long as the command window is open. Any idea how to fix this update/autostart issue?

  4. ikbennietsaai

    011-04-09 17:12:34.184705 POSTPROCESSER :: Unable to move file /c/downloads/complete/X264/The Simpsons 13×03 Homer The Moe 720p BluRay x264 SINNERS/The Simpsons – S13E03 – Homer the Moe.mkv to /series/The Simpsons/The Simpsons – S13E03 – Homer the Moe.mkv: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/series/The Simpsons/The Simpsons – S13E03 – Homer the Moe.mkv’
    2011-04-09 17:12:34.193903 POSTPROCESSER :: Exception generated in thread POSTPROCESSER: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/series/The Simpsons/The Simpsons – S13E03 – Homer the Moe.mkv’

  5. Chris


    I bought your Kmotion surveilance Software for Readynas. Is it possible to set a password to view the live video? When I did a port forwarding to the related port and create a user at dyndns all people could easily watch my cams when they know the right port.

    Best regards

  6. Kurt

    Hi WC

    SABnzbd is running great on my ReadyNAS x86. I do, however, have a question about changing the port number. The default is 2708, but when I change it to 8080 in the General tab, save changes, and restart, it reverts to 2708.
    Is there another field I should change it in as well?


  7. Stefan Rubner Post author

    the only thing I. can imagine that may cause your problem is that SAB so ehow got started under the root account somewhen in the past. This would change the ownership of the ini file and make it impossible to save changes from the normal account (admin) later on. If all else fails you may try to change the port settings in the ini file directly. It is located in /c/.sabnzbd on your ReadyNAS.


  8. Tim C

    I put a bug request in yesterday for CouchPotato (x86) title of:
    Failed to open http://videoeta.com/search/?search_query=

    I was not sure if that was the right place. Here is the text of the problem:

    First I installed Python + SABnzbd + SickBeard + CouchPotato. No Problems
    then Configured addin’s.
    Tested SickBeard no problems
    Tested CouchPotato with one movie no problems
    Tried a second movie and received the videoeta.com problem
    CouchPotato.com has some info on their support board such as update and restart but that did not work for me.

    Please don’t think I really wanted THIS movie. I just used it as a sample.

    13:37:26 ERROR [ app.lib.cron.eta] Failed to open http://videoeta.com/search/?search_query=The+Muppets&page=1.
    13:37:26 INFO [ app.lib.cron.yarr] Finished search.
    13:37:16 INFO [er.yarr.sources.nzbmatrix] Searching: http://rss.nzbmatrix.com/rss.php?username=XXXXX&term=tt1204342&apikey=XX
    13:37:15 INFO [ app.lib.cron.eta] Searching page:1 VideoETA for The Muppets.
    13:37:15 INFO [ app.lib.cron.yarr] Searching for new downloads, for all movies.
    13:37:06 INFO [ ENGINE] Bus STARTED
    13:37:06 INFO [ ENGINE] Serving on

    Thank you for your support

  9. Stefan Rubner Post author

    As can be seen in the CouchPotato support forums, VideoETA doesn’t work so it was removed in the latest version of CouchPotato and replaced with the RottenTomatos service. To upgrade to the latest version of CouchPotato you can use the integrated upgrade mechanism. Depending on your NAS and your internet connection this may take a while but worked fine for me when I just tried.


  10. Tim C

    I have “Version Master” The update did not work:
    11:32:08 INFO [ app.config.updater] No update available
    11:28:45 INFO [ app.config.updater] No update available
    11:27:47 INFO [ app.config.updater] No update available
    07:38:47 INFO [ app.lib.cron.yarr] Finished search.
    07:38:46 ERROR [ app.lib.cron.eta] Failed to open http://videoeta.com/search/?search_query=The+Muppets&page=1.

    From a note on CouchPotato support Ruud Burger wrote:
    If it says “master” please update it manually. (Download the zip via CouchPotatoApp.com and overwrite the content of you CP dir with it).
    This should be fixed in latest release.

    The problem is I do not know how to update it manually. Is there a way to get a new version? Other Ready NAS users are going to have the same problem as well.


  11. Stefan Rubner Post author

    You should have received an email. Did you?


  12. amrat

    Hi Stefan I have just downloaded your iscsi intiatior readynas 1.05 and installed via update on the ReadyNAS NV+ and radiator 4.1.8 is the firmware.

    I have aslo mad a donation via Paypal.

    Could you please help what do I do know to create iscsi target? I looked under Voulmes nothing there

    Please advice I am new to this and wanted backupexec 2010 from our server 2003 to backup2disk to the NAS DRIVE of netgear.

  13. misterhee

    Hi Stefan.

    Same situation as amrat. I have 4.1.8 firmware and neither windows nor Mac can see a iscsi portal on the ReadyNAS when scanning etc.

    When I ssh into the readynas and run stop() (even after manually running start()), I get the following:

    ReadyNAS:~# /etc/init.d/rfw-iscsi-target stop
    Stopping iSCSI Target: ietdNo /usr/sbin/ietd found running; none killed.

    I have a feeling that the daemon is not actually running properly etc.

    Can you please let us know if the current iSCSItarget_1.4.20.2-readynas-1.0.5.bin is compatible with firmware 4.1.8?

    Thanks in advance,

  14. Silas

    Hey whocares,
    I administrate a friends little office and installed ReadyNAS as central storage device. Due to the fact that there are more than one machine needing a scanner, I installed Sane Backends to ReadyNAS Duo. Worked out for the first time.
    But, since I updated Readynas early 2011, SaneFrontends stopped working: “No divice Found”. I already tried the hint of smh in Netgear Forum:
    “The recent update to RAIDiator 4.1.5 stopped sane working, because it updated inetd.conf
    Repeating steps 3.1 and 3.3 will get it going again.”…without success.

    The owner of the company is very upset about this issue. I tried all the year to solve, I dont know what to do anymore. Can you help me (e.g. with instructions)? Would be really thankful!

    I get two error message when connecting with Sane Frontend 0.991:
    Either “Failed to open ‘net: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:genesys:libusb:001:004’: Error during device I/O.” or “no devices found”.

    Thank you,

  15. Fargo73

    Hi Stefan

    I’m trying to use your iscsi tweak for Readynas, but I cannot find un updated manual or installation instruction for the latest version (I downloaded iSCSItarget_1.4.20.2-readynas-1.0.5.bin).
    Where can I download it? I’m using a ReadyNAS NV+.

    Thanks for the great job :-)

  16. Fargo73

    Thanks a lot for the support. I worked perfectly.
    I just found a minor issue, that maybe is specific of my NV+.
    In file /etc/init.d/rfw-iscsi-target I had to change the pidfile name:
    from PIDFILE=/var/run/iscsi_trgt.pid
    to PIDFILE=/var/run/ietd.pid

  17. Stefan Andersson

    help for a newbie.
    I running windows 7 an has Readynas ultra with 2 shares.
    Media and backup.
    Installed plex and added some librarys.
    The problem is i cant see the media files in explorer anymore.
    In plex i have one Media and media.
    In explorer media leads to backup

    Please help, dont want to lose all my media

  18. TheSwede86


    I have a problem with Kmotion v.2.15a and it is that at least 1 per day all my cameras (4x Foscam FI8905W) when I view them in Kmotion seem to have stopped sending live feed. When I view the individual IP-cameras via their web-interface they work fine, so they have not stopped working but for some reason they have frozen in Kmotion.

    Would really appreciate help – TheSwede86

  19. TheSwede86

    Oh and when I restart the addon everything works fine again for some time.

  20. Christian Widlund

    after installing and activateing ruTorrent_3.3-rnx86-0.3.3.bin i get

    Not Found

    The requested URL /rutorrent was not found on this server.

  21. Paul

    Hi – I am interested in testing/buying the Kmotion add-on, but all I get is an “access denied” page on the ReadyNASXtras site. So, what’s up ?

  22. Dan


    I’ve been reading your posts on readynas.org, and first of all I want to thank you for being such a valuable asset to the ReadyNAS community…pretty awesome if I do say so my self.

    I was hoping you could send me an e-mail at the address provided in this form, as I have some questions pertaining to Apache’s redirection behavior on the ReadyNAS and what I assume is simply an incomplete configuration. I utilized the gitorious Apache upgrade on what was a fresh OS install, but still, I figure it would be better to show you what I’m running currently, and perhaps you would be able to point me in the right direction. I have a feeling it will be quite simple with your level of expertise.

    Take care,

  23. Richard

    Trying to download kmotion 2.15a but all I get is “Access denied
    You are not authorized to access this page.”

    Can anyone let me know where I can get this please :(

  24. Daryl

    Hi Stefan,

    I’m trying to use your script to convert .ovpn to .apc. I’m having trouble with what appears to be a character encoding problem.

    In the .apc generated by utm, the first of four lines is the following:


    When I open the .apc with notepad++, it says the file has Macintosh EOL and ANSI character encoding.

    In the .apc generated by the script, the first of four lines is the following:


    This file has Unix EOL.

    Have you encountered this problem? What OS did you test the script on?

    Thanks for any suggestion to solve this problem.

  25. Stefan Rubner Post author


    The script is written for and tested on Linux only. As far as I can tell the both strings are exactly the same, only shown to you differently. That said, the script was written for Astaro ASG8 and hasn’t been tested on UTM9. Chances are that some changes to the .apc were made in UTM9 but I haven’t had the time to check that.


  26. Jon

    Any chance we could get a date on Kmotion next release? Fully available to buy your work, of course. Thanks in advance and gratz for the great work.

  27. Asif

    HI Stefan, i downloaded the owncloud version for my NVX. Is there an updated version of it available. thnx Asif

  28. Gordon Sandom

    I have suddenly started experiencing the dreaded “URL Fetching failed; Unusable NZB file”
    Checking over my addons, I see that I am running SickBeard 0.485.1 v0.8.1. Can this be upgraded directly on the NAS, or must a reinstall be carried out.

  29. Nicolas

    Hi whocares,
    Thanks a lot for all your great work. I wanted to dowload kmotion for readynas, I found that new version is under development is there a way to get an older one?

  30. John

    Is it correct that your WordPress ReadyNAS installer does not work with a Readynas 516?


  31. Stefan Rubner Post author

    The ones that are officially available don’t work for they were developed for firmware releases 4.2.x whereas the 516 uses ReadyNAS OS 6.x. However there should be an installaer available from the app store (made by SuperPoussin) and I actually do have one as well but that one will be released later this month earliest.

  32. Mo

    Hi Mate,

    Any chance you could provide me with the python .bin file for my readynas ultra (x86) as your website is down.
    Also since your website is down I am unsure whether I have to purchase it or not.

    Thanks for any information provided.


  33. Skifou


    I would like to built my own website on my readynas and would like to enjoy your plugin of php, phpmyadmin & MySQL. I appreciate all your work.
    Unfortunately, your website readynasextras is down (I hope you will not lost any of your data).
    Is there an other way to download it?
    I have a readynas duo (not a v2).

    Otherwise I will wait for the new site.

    Thanks in advance

  34. eikira


    Auf ReadyNAS bekommt man zur Zeit deine Addons nicht gedownloaded.
    Wie komme ich an Kmotion und die USB Driver heran?

  35. LV

    Help. I have aquired 4 ReadyNas NV’s and I need to add the iSCSI component on them. I cannot locate the addon or instructions anywhere. All of the links I tried are dead. My predecessor had past away naturally and all drives had to be defaulted. Please provide new links to information so I can get the systems back up. Thank you.

  36. Marius Rustøy Hansen

    I’m trying to get a hold of the .bin file for SANE backend, but it was only listed on readynasxtras.com.

    Please help!


  37. Bernhard


    I buyed Python 2.7 or my readynas ultra (4bay) months ago. Now i upgraded to a new 316 (6bay). But on the new readynas 6.1.2 os i cant install Python 2.7 because its a *.bin and not a *.deb. Do you will bring Python 2.7 to the 300series in the future? Cause to manage oneclickhoster there is no alternative to pyload wich not runs without p2.7…

    I hope for a positiv answer :)

    Yours Bernhard

  38. Alaemon

    I am hopping you will be able to help me.
    I have a Readynas Duo v2 (with some of your apps) I am after a app that will enable me to steam my video file from the Readynas to the TV Blu ray player over dlna.
    Now I can view the files on the Readynas on the TV however they will not play (say unsupported). The Blu ray player does support the format as I can play the same file off a DVD or flash drive.
    Right now I have a app on my phone called Bubbleupnp with this I can play the file from the Readynas on the TV (Through my phone).
    Now there is some way to get Bubbleupnp onto the sever so then I will not need my phone to watch file from the Readynas on the TV, however I don’t know how to, and have not been able to get a clean answer from anyone (seeing as I know nothing about Linux I don’t get it. I did get Java installed).

    I am hopping you could help with making some app package I just install like with your other apps
    I sending you some link with more information about Bubbleupnp if that helps.

    Can you please have a look and see what you can do and let me know or let me know if you know of some other way I could get it to work.
    Thank you hope to hear from you soon


    P.S The Blu ray player I have is a Sony BDP-S590

  39. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Python is not needed on the 6.x firmware for the ReadyNAS because it can be pulled directly from the repositories made available by NETGEAR and the official Debian repos.


  40. Matt

    Hi Stefan,
    I have installed all the neccassary requirements to use PHPmyadmin on a readynas 2100 (x86), to setup MySQL for use with XBMC running on a different box.
    I have setup MySQL using PHPmyadmin in exactly the same way I had it running on my NV+ but I can’t get my xbmc box to write the relevent database tables to MySQL on the readynas2100. The only difference being that the PHPmyadmin won’t let me login if I set the ‘use ssl’ connection to on, so I have that un-checked in the PHPMyAdmin server settings setup.

    I don’t know whether it is not having the ssl connection turned on that is stopping the database table creation but this is the only difference between the 2 setups. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have posted some info below but if you need anything further please get in touch.

    NAS2100 running:
    PHP5 – v5.4.20-x86-4.5.4
    PHPMyAdmin – v4.0.4.2-x86-1.5.1
    Readynas firmware – 4.2.25

    NV+ Running
    PHP 5 – v5.3.17-rnsparc-4.3.0
    PHPMyAdmin – v3.4.10.1-rnsparc-1.3.2
    Readynas firmware – 4.1.12

    NV+ Config file

    2100 config file


    Matt (Ru55ell75)

  41. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Am I correct to assume that you *can* connect to the local MySQL database, although you need to turn off ssl? If so, my best guess right now is that better information should be found in the output of xbmc, maybe some descriptive error message or the like. If all else fails, drop me an email at info[at]readynasxtras[dot]com and we’ll take it from there.


  42. Jibweb

    I am bought a Netgear Readynas duo v2 like a year ago, and I have bought your Owncloud 4.0.4 add-on.
    I was wondering if you planned on releasing a new version of owncloud for this nas? because the new features of owncloud are quite exciting !!

    Also, if you don’t plan on writing such an add-on, could you guide me on how to update my installation?


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