Dnsmasq for ReadyNAS (Sparc & Intel)

Two things I’ve always missed on the ReadyNAS were a DNS server to serve my local network and a fully fledged DHCP server allowing me to assign IP addresses to my machines based on their MAC address. Dnsmasq can do both and more. It even integrates a TFTP/BOOTP/PXE server to boot diskless machines off the network. So I dived into the realms of add-on programming again and baked some add-ons ;)

For ReadyNAS NV/NV+/Duo/1x. (Sparc): Dnsmasq_2.52-readynas-0.1.1.bin
For ReadyNAS Pro/NVX/2,3,4xxx (Intel): Dnsmasq_2.52-readypro-0.1.1.bin


5 thoughts on “Dnsmasq for ReadyNAS (Sparc & Intel)

  1. Gavin

    I was wondering if Dnsmasq for ReadyNAS
    could allow me to boot a blank laptop via pixie where the boot file would be served
    from the readynas. This boot file would be a windows PE boot image, that would then allow me to restore a ghost image to the laptop.

    Readynas would hold:
    1. windows pe boot image with program menu
    2. Windows backup image to be deployed to laptop.

  2. Paintslinger

    Any thoughts on when DNSMASQ will be available on your new website rnxtras.com as the link above to the old website no longer points to the download?

  3. Barry Quaye

    Hello Stefan, I have a Pro6 and a Pioneer on the 4.2.xx X86 platform.
    Do you think it would be possible to create an add-on that allow the use of Rsync over SSH, to connect to a remote port other than 22?
    My online backup service no longer allows port22, and instead uses 2022, which of course I can no longer use.
    I appreciate this would cost considerably more than a basic add-on, to which full payment would be made

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