Dropbear for ReadyNAS (Sparc)

DropbearUsing SSH to connect to the ReadyNAS has many advantages for the experienced user. However, OpenSSH is kind of a resource hog which is especially true when being used together with rsync. To make rsync over SSH run a bit smoother I decided to replace OpenSSH with Dropbear on my Sparc line of ReadyNAS boxes. So here’s the latest addition to my add-on collection:


3 thoughts on “Dropbear for ReadyNAS (Sparc)

  1. Breno Machado

    Who Cares,
    I would like to try to use Dropbear on my surplus Duo. I have installed the programme but not sure what to do next. I have played with rsync over ssh between a NVX and a Pro and would have thought it was a similar process. Are there any very short instructions.

  2. Andrey

    Tell me where to download the file DropbearSSH_0.52-readynas-0.1.1.bin for sparc?

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