Error Loading Operating System

Solution 2:

Another cause for this problem may be that an ATA-66/100/133 drive is attached with an 40 pin cable instead of an 80 pin cable. I can’t verify this but consider it as enitrely possible for Microsoft to choke on that so I thought I’d put it up here.


Update I:

On two of my test systems I was able to set the BIOS setting back to “Auto” after the installation of XP had finished. Your mileage may vary.

Update II:

The system I had this problem with is a Pentium-IV 3,06 GHz with an Award BIOS 6.0 with any part of it hardly being any older than 18 months.

Update III:

As I just found out some genius introduced a new way of setting the access mode in some BIOSes. Instead of allowing to set the access mode in the “STANDARD CMOS CONFIGURATION” screen, you have to use “IDE HDD AUTO DETECTION” instead. When the BIOS reports your drive there, you *don’t* press “Y” to accept but instead press “N”. You should then be able to chose whether to use “LBA” (don’t) or “LARGE” (yup) as the access mode for the particular drive.

607 thoughts on “Error Loading Operating System

  1. San

    Hello i have a problem my comp keeps restarting when it gets to the windows loading screen. when i turn it on it says “we apoligize for the inconviences but Windows did not start successfully” and well you know the rest. then when i click an option it restsarts at the loading screen. im using windows xp professional. hp compaq micro tower base uit all. Help would be apriecaited thanks.

  2. Stefan Rubner Post author

    This definitely doesn’t sound like a problem related to the hard drive but rather seems to be either a driver or a bad memory chip problem.

  3. muneer

    the problem did not solve i hope to know why
    i tried to install windows mellinem nd it worked good with out any problems
    but windows xp no way i hope good luck for you

  4. Sandra

    I really found these helpful. Especially update III!! It was a solution to my problem that I’m pretty sure will help me. Thanks,

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