Host your SVN repositories on your ReadyNAS

I just finished creating two Addons for the ReadyNAS Duo, NV, NV+, 1100 and X6 that allow you to host SVN repositories. The first obviously is Subversion itself. This addon includes all the subversion command line tools and also adds support for accessing the repositories on your ReadyNAS through the browser interface.

The second addon is WebSVN. In addition to browsing the repositories in a much nicer interface than SVN itself provides, this modified version also allows the creation of new repositories for authenticated users. To use WebSVN, PHP support has to be installed on the ReadyNAS which can be achieved by using the PHP_1.1.bin from

As always: Works for me, ymmv. If these addons break your ReadyNAS you own the parts.

Ah, and before you ask: Yes, versions for the Intel based ReadyNAS products are to come shortly. Don’t hold your breath, though.


10 thoughts on “Host your SVN repositories on your ReadyNAS

  1. Stefan Rubner Post author

    For the Pro series or for the older Sparc based systems, if I may ask? ;)

  2. Jan-Piet Mens

    Good question: ReadyNAS NV+.
    uname: Linux nv #1 Fri Mar 20 04:41:57 PDT 2009 padre unknown

    Does that answer your question?

  3. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Yes, it does. So that means you’re volunteering for beta tester in case I decide to undertake that project?

  4. Jan-Piet Mens

    Of course. :-)

    You’re probably aware that Bacula’s catalog is in an RDBMS. I’d say go for the SQLite3 version of the catalog — others are probably overkill, as they’d need MySQL/PostgreSQL installed, making it all more wobbly.

  5. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Actually, that was my intention – at least for the older, Sparc based systems. MySQL would be too much of a burden for those CPUs I fear. On the other hand, I’ll have to see whether the SQLite version shipping with the older ReadyNAS systems meets Bacula’s requirements. But this project won’t be a “weekend job” anyway, so there’s enought time to do some exploration.

  6. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Of course, I’ve actually already done this before. But then I prefer to use what’s given to us by Netgear. Just to be prepared for the off-chance that Netgear somewhen updates the old ReadyNAS series with newer libraries that break things I linked against older stuff. I tend to do that only when I absolutely have to – like for example with the Neon libs which were needed by Subversion.

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  8. Bartezz

    Is there a x86 version yet… I don’t understand anything about those command line installs and don’t want to mess up my NAS…


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