iSCSI Enterprise Target for ReadyNAS (Sparc)

And yet another update: Took me some fixing of the sources but I finally was able to build a new release of the iSCSI Add-On for ReadyNAS. This release adds a lot of stability fixes of which mainly Solaris and Windows users will profit.

Get it here: iSCSItarget_1.4.20.1-readynas-1.0.3.bin (ReadyNAS Sparc only!)


One thought on “iSCSI Enterprise Target for ReadyNAS (Sparc)

  1. Dan


    I’ve tryed your latest version of iSCSItarget

    And every time that try to run the daemon I get this error:

    ietd: kernel module version mismatch!

    Linux styx

    Did you do a kernel upgrade?

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