iSCSI target 1.4.18 for ReadyNAS Duo/NV/NV+

Today I released the iSCSI Target Addon 1.4.18 for the Sparc based ReadyNAS series. There’s not only the dramatic change in the version number. In addition a lot of changes happened behind the scenes:


Lars Ellenberg

  • improve IETs procfs support to allow a larger number of targets
  • compatibility fix for 2.6.28 (independently also provided by Francois Micaux)
  • ignore SIGPIPE in ietd
  • allow cleanup of stale targets in the kernel module

Andreas Florath

  • support for a global worker threadpool instead of per target pools
    (configurable via the worker_thread_pool_size module parameter)

Arne Redlich

  • compatibility fixes for 2.6.30, 2.6.29
  • in cooperation with Xie Gang: Unit Attention support (thanks to Stefan Rubner for spotting a bug)
  • in cooperation with Shreyansh Jain: support for splitting text messages into several PDUs, allowing more targets to be reported during discovery (thanks to Cheng Rengquan for bugfixes)
  • clean up all connections, sessions and targets in the kernel module if the daemon is gone
  • rework sense data handling, plugging memleaks
  • fix valgrind warnings of uses of uninitialized variables
  • support for Reject PDUs (thanks to FUJITA Tomonori for a bugfix)
  • fix SERVICE ACTION IN: IET only supports READ CAPACITY 16, return sense data for all others
  • allow READ CAPACITY even if a LU is RESERVEd
  • iSNS: report the actual target port instead of the default iSCSI port
  • fix list corruption if target thread creation fails
  • fix stopping of threads that have never been awakened before
  • fix CHAP account handling bugs
  • fix netlink socket cleanup
  • code cleanups

Cheng Renquan

  • remove superfluous linefeed from debug messages
  • enable runtime switching of debug levels for the kernel module and provide description for the module’s debug flags parameter


  • return proper status class in case of login failures

Ross S. W. Walker

  • support more than one portal per target during discovery, and allow configuration of the presented portals using targets.allow – previously only the incoming interface was reported (thanks to David Shirley for reporting a bug)
  • deprecate initiators.allow
  • regex based filtering in initiators.allow and targets.allow
  • move config files to /etc/iet
  • add version and author info and description to kernel module
  • fix debug log levels
  • fix ietd.conf permissions
  • move kernel module to /lib/modules//extra where it belongs
  • improve init scripts, using common names and functions across distributions
  • improve usage comments in ietd.conf
  • specfile to build RPMs, including weak module support
  • DKMS support

Ming Zhang

  • Use the LU’s sector size in the format mode page instead of defaulting to 512

The most noteable change is that now to access a target, the requesting initiator must be listed in the


file. Thus, a copy with the global allow option “ALL ALL” set is distributed with the addon.


4 thoughts on “iSCSI target 1.4.18 for ReadyNAS Duo/NV/NV+

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  2. MrCyberdude

    Great work,
    I dont have the time to try it but waiting for it to appear for the RNPP ;)

  3. Stefan Rubner Post author

    There’s no need to build a separate version for the RNPP as it’s already included.


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