iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS updated

UPDATE: Instead of writing ever new blog posts, an always up-to-date page for the iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS is now available.

Since the iSCSI project has released a new stable version I felt it was time to upgrade the iSCSI Kernel Modules and Utilities for ReadyNAS. Klicking on the link will give you version 0.4.16 which contains the following changes:


  • fix overzealous assert() in digest_data()
  • add checking on return value of ISCSI_PARAM_GET
  • 2.6.22, 2.6.23 and 2.6.24 compile fixes
  • add conn->rwsize check
  • avoid potential NULL-ptr dereferences in rx and tx buffer
  • fix the shell syntax in init scripts
  • fix digest endieness on LE archs
  • fix SPARC alignement issues
  • fix DISTDIR in Makefile for /etc install
  • add support to nullio for volumes > 2TB
  • remove init.d memory size adjustment
  • add error code reporting to blockio_open_path
  • blockio gen_scsiid bug fix
  • add verbosity to kernel output and task management

Installation is the same as described here with one exception: The supplied configuration example is now named /etc/ietd.conf.sample, so installing the version won’t overwrite an existing configuration file. On a fresh install you’ll have to rename the example configuration to /etc/ietd.conf before you can actually use the iSCSI target support.

34 thoughts on “iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS updated

  1. Stefan

    I have been using this since the .15 release and it runs AMAZING. Thanks very much for this!

    One question – I am trying like crazy to get this to run at bootup.

    I created a text file in /etc/init.d/ with this in it:

    #start iscsi daemon
    /etc/init.d/iscsi-target start

    and then did an update-rc.d ‘textfilename’ defaults

    ….is that supposed to work?

    lol…I have no idea if that is right or wrong…

    is there a quick answer?

    Thanks again for making my ReadyNAS worth more than three times as much as it already is!!


  2. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Normally, the correct way *would* be to simply issue

    update-rc.d iscsi-target defaults

    However, this won’t really work on the ReadyNAS for the ReadyNAS uses a special startup script. So to make the iSCSI support getting loaded at bootup, you’d have to edit the file /etc/init,d/rc3. Add the line

    /etc/init.d/iscsi-target start

    *before* the last line (in my case that’s “: exit 0”.

  3. Stefan

    It works!!

    I feel so stupid! I suppose I should have read the ReadyNAS forums (rather than every piece of literature I could find about shell scripts, cron jobs, etc) to find out that it had a stupid non standard script!

    I literally spent 5+ hours trying to get this to work, lol


    You are the best! Thank you very very much :)


    P.S. cool name :P

  4. Stefan


    So I figured I would ask you about this as well, heheh.

    I searched the ReadyNA forums and havent come up with anything yet, but, I am looking for a script that the ReadyNAS runs when it shuts down.

    I would like to shutdown iscsi before the ReadyNAS does its normal shutdown routine….

    Because, EVERY time I shutdown/reboot the NAS and login to frontview after a restart, it says that an “improper shutdown has been detected”

    I have noticed this occasionally since the 0.4.15 release of the iscsi-target but now it does it all the time.

    I am not sure if stopping the service first will help, but if it does (I am not at home right now) I would like it to stop the serice automatically if I shutdown the NAS….

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance :)

  5. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Easy. Just insert

    /etc/init.d/iscsi-target stop

    into /etc/rc6.d/S99reboot just after the line

    print_lcd_line1 "Rebooting..."

    Where do I have to send the bill? ;)

  6. Stefan


    You are the best! Give me your address, I will send you some wine :)

    You have saved me literally hours of work. Ver appreciated.

    I will let you know if this fixes the “improper shutdown” issue…

  7. Martin

    Thanks for the update.

    I have been thinking about setting this up on my ReadyNas 1100 but would like to know if you can setup more than one iSCSI target with different sizes.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

  8. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Martin, it’s absolutely no problem to set up more than one target. The only thing you have to do is to modify /etc/ietd.conf. Here’s mine, for example:

    Target iqn.2001-04.home.whocares:storage.develnas.01
    Lun 0 Path=/c/newscsi_file,Type=fileio
    Alias develnas01
    Wthreads 3

    Target iqn.2001-04.home.whocares:storage.develnas.02
    Lun 0 Path=/c/iscsi_newfile,Type=fileio
    Alias develnas02
    Wthreads 3

    As an alternative, you could set up different LUNs. Should work both ways, I just happen to prefer to set up different targets.

  9. Martin

    Sorry for sounding a bit dim but does that also mean you can setup different sizes for each target?

  10. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Not to worry, I’ve got my dim days, too. Ah, and the answer of course is “Yes” ;)

  11. Martin

    Finally managed to get round to installing this on the ReadyNAS works like a treat so far.
    As a new user to linux and I am willing to learn what command do I use to delete the targets and expand them and how do I setup LUNs. I’d be grateful if you can point me to a good web site for using linux commands if thats easier. What version of linux is used on the ReadyNAS?
    Also I was thinking about using the ReadyNAS as a storage target for VMware ESXi but I’m not sure if it would be able to handle this. How do i go about monitoring this. Appreciate any thoughts?
    Lastly, are you able to develop an add on available for the web interface for the ReadyNAS? I still think that iscsi is something that the original Infrant guys could have included just like other companies like Thecus have. Thanks again for any help.

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  13. Derek

    I’m trying to install the iscsi on a readynas pro I just setup for a client… I haven’t used unix in years, but don’t feel like a total retard (quite yet)..

    When I try /etc/init.d/iscsi-target start
    I get:
    FATAL: Module iscsi_trgt not found.
    /etc/init.d/iscsi-target: line 12: /usr/sbin/ietd: cannot execute binary file

    Any suggestions?

  14. Stefan Rubner

    Current iSCSI support is for 1100/NV/NV+ *only*. I actually do have a version for the Pro almost ready but not for public use right now.
    So, again, the current archive is *NOT* for the Pro. If, however, you’d send me a personal email address of yours, I might be tempted to send out an archive that may or may not work on the Pro ;)

  15. Szymon

    Hi all – can anyone confirm that the latest updates work with a ReadyNAS 1100 RNR4475?

  16. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Unfortunately they can’t for I haven’t published them yet. But if you can wait another two or three days, there’ll be another update.

  17. Tom

    I found this while reviewing ReadyNAS iSCSI information, we’re getting ready to buy a PRO for offsite backup / DR.

    Two questions:

    1. Does anyone reading this know anything about the planned Netgear support for iSCSI on the ReadyNAS Business PRO??

    2. If I install iSCSI onto an NV+, does that mean the NV+ can only be used for iSCSI and nothing else?? We’re presently using it to store backups and we don’t want to change that.

    Thank you, Tom

  18. Stefan Rubner Post author


    Regarding the iSCSI support coming from Netgear: It was said to be available for the ReadyNAS Pro Business in Q4/2008. So there’s still some time left for it to show up ;) Other than that, I’ve got no more information than anyone else I guess. Still, even if it will show up in the announced timeframe, it’ll be for the PRO Business only and as far as I know there’s no backport planned for the NV/NV+/Duo/1100 or even for the Pioneer Edition of the Pro.

    As for your second question: The (my) iSCSI support for the NV/NV+/Duo/1100 (and for the PRO even though that’s not released yet either) works by using a special file created in the /c directory of your NAS. Thus it will reduce the space available for Shares and other stuff but won’t interfere with the general features and functions of the ReadyNAS otherwise. So in short: Yes, you’d be able to use all the functions you’re used to after installing the iSCSI support. Just make sure to remember that it will cost you some storage space.

  19. Kees

    This is great, for a long time I hoped for a iSCSI connection with my nv+. And this works like a charm. Thanks. When there are more updates or maybe a web gui for this feature please let me know.

  20. Bob

    An addon for iSCSI to be managed thru the web interface would be very much appreciated. I would be willing to make a donation for this effort.

  21. Pasadena


    Nice tool. I put it on my NV+ and it works with standard-parameter.

    A small problem: I use Vista and connect with the Standard Vista iSCSI Initiator. I can copy Files to the lun and i can delete.

    If I came online with a second pc to the same network and lun, i got problems: The explorer does not update. If I press F5, nothing happend. If I add files or delete files, nothing happend on the second pc, all files are still there.

    Then i cannot delete the files i see. The message is, that the file is not there, but i can open ??????

    Have i to change some parameters in ietd.conf? Or is this a missunderstood of iSCSI and only one PC can work?

    Thanks for helping


  22. Stefan Rubner Post author

    > Or is this a missunderstood of iSCSI and only one PC can work?

    Yup, it’s a misunderstanding. iSCSI effectively gives you a virtual SCSI hard drive. And as well as you can’t connect a real hard drive to two computers simultaneously, you can’t (well, you can, but you really shouldn’t) connect an iSCSI device to two computers at the same time using standard Windows file systems like NTFS or FAT.

    You *can* connect an iSCSI disks to multiple computers using special (cluster aware) filesystems like OCFS2 or GFS under Linux. But I don’t know of any such solution for the Windows world. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one. But since I’m so not using Windows, I didn’t bother looking.

  23. Pasadena

    Hallo Stefan,

    Danke für die Info, dann weiss ich Bescheid, werde also verschiedene LUNs anlegen für meine PCs….

    Noch was anderes: Hast du irgendwo die Parameterbeschreibung von den Parametern in ietd.conf. Ich habe im Intenret nix gescheites gefunden…


  24. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Ok, I just upgraded the iSCSI support for ReadyNAS to 0.4.17. Two versions available, “stable” and “svn”. This time you’ll also get a .bin package for installation through the web interface ;) Check it out here: ;)

  25. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Oops. Had to post a hotfix. If you upgraded already, please do download the latest version and upgrade again. Sorry.

  26. Victor Tsang


    your iSCSI Target ver 0.4.16 works like a charm with my ReadyNAS Duo along with my ESX Testing Rig !

    However, when i tried do install the BIN file of 0.4.17 … I have some problem in setting up a test iSCSI target … do you have any documentation on how to use the new iSCSI Target Addon on ReadyNAS ?

    Or do I need remove the old 0.4.16 first ? And how do I do that ?

    Thanks !


  27. Victor Tsang

    Thanks Stefan !

    The installation/upgrade instructions help a lot !!

    Thanks again … :)

  28. Вячеслав Сенников

    Интересно, а комменты которые не нравятся автору удаляют? :)

  29. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Nein, nur wenn ich sie nicht auf Anhieb verstehe ;)

  30. Jonas

    Does anyone know how to configure the iSCSI to work with Windows 2008 R2 cluster ?

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