MySQL 5.4: Not for me, yet ;)

Since Sun bought MySQL, the pace of the releases has increased a lot. Ok, we’ll see whether this will continue, but still. So now it’s MySQL 5.4. Not only quite a big jump in the minor numbers but also some improvements, the community has asked MySQL to integrate for quite some time. Especially the code contributed by Google has finally made it into MySQL. One might ask “What took you so long?”. Still, even with those improvements, the new version isn’t for me. Why?


Mostly because all the improvements are focussed around InnoDB. Not that I wouldn’t like to use InnoDB. It’s just that almost every Open Source project out there uses MyISAM by default. So the benefits from the changes made to MySQL 5.4 won’t help much there. And to be honest, MyISAM has it’s advantages (like being able to just copy whole databases to a new server).

Also, as many others out there, I’m not so certain about where MySQL is heading now that Oracle has bought Sun. I believe it would be important that Oracle clearly states what the future will bring for MySQL. Might even be time to look at alternatives, maybe even Drizzle. This project is quite interesting in that it strippes all things from MySQL I never needed anyway. But then, it also uses InnoDB as it’s engine of choice.

Might as well be time for many MySQL users to change their engine of choice, too. We’ll see. At least most of the changes in MySQL 5.4 boost the performance on Solaris. And that’s still my platform of choice ;)