Nagios forged: Icinga proposes to do better

icinga_logoNow it happened to Nagios: Users and parts of the original development team have formed a forge of the original code. The new project is named ICINGA (ugh, all caps) Icinga.
Now, why the fork. That’s what the people behind the fork say:


(…)to ensure above all, the continuous development of this popular monitoring software, a group of active, long standing Nagios community supporters have resolved to fork Nagios and open its development to a broader base. This team currently consists of members of the previous Nagios community advisory board, developers of numerous Nagios extensions and NETWAYS, the organiser of the Nagios Conference and provider of the NagiosExchange platform.

[ Read more about the things behind the curtain >>> ]

4 thoughts on “Nagios forged: Icinga proposes to do better

  1. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Ah, I was referring to the change in the name (ICINGA -> Icinga). I didn’t – and didn’t want to – comment on any market(ing) issues. I’m just not familiar with any business plans or schemes behind eihter Nagios or Icinga. I only happen to know some companies that use Nagios but none of them is actually paying for any services around it.

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