Network Monitor ZenOSS 2.4beta3 available

zenoss_logo_webPace is going up over at ZenOSS. When I looked late at night yesterday, ZenOSS 2.3.296 (a.k.a. 2.4beta3) wasn’t available. It now is, including again some changes to my network monitoring package of choice.


New features in this Beta release include:

  • Zenoss Configuration Wizard, which guides you through initial Zenoss configuration. The wizard
    greatly reduces the time it takes to set up Zenoss and simplifies configuration tasks.
  • • Reporting enhancements, such as the ability to normalize data making is easy to compare server
    utilization across Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems.
  • • Additional Linux and Unix monitoring capabilities, implemented through new SSH-based
    ZenPacks. These improved ZenPacks remove the need to manually deploy scripts to the target
    machines being monitored.

Seems like I’ll have a busy weekend updating my installation guide for ZenOSS on Solaris ;)