ReadyNAS 2100: Now for the Racks ;)

readynas2100Netgear today released the ReadyNAS 2100 for 19″ racks. As with the ReadyNAS Pro and the ReadyNAS NVX, the ReadyNAS 2100 uses an Intel CPU to power the Linux kernel inside. For the moment, the ReadyNAS 2100 comes in two flavors:


  • RNRX4450 with 4x 500 GB drives
  • RNRX4410 with 4x 1 TV drives

Why Netgear still doesn’t release a “chassis only” version is beyond me. Also I don’t think that it’s easy to see for the customer that the gear with the “lower” number is the one with more storage capacity. But then, I’m just a user and luckily I don’t have to do product marketing ;)