ReadyNAS iSCSI: New Version from SVN fixes Windows client disconnect

The latest revision (r212) from SVN for the iSCSI Enterprise Target fixes a bug that could cause Windows clients to lose the connection to the iSCSI target. So I decided to upgrade the iSCSI Target for ReadyNAS right away. From the SVN log:


“This bug caused that windows loses iSCSI connection while we are
restarting ietd. In this case windows initiator changes its state to

I attached patch for fixing this bug. With this fix windows initiator
transition state is as follows:

Connected -> Reconnecting… -> Connected

so windows is able to re-establish connection after we restarted ietd.”

Needless to say that this code is still considered beta quality. Preliminary tests on my ReadyNAS boxes showed no problem but you better think twice before deploying in a production environment.