Make your ReadyNAS your scanning hub

Finally being bothered enough by always having to connect my USB scanner to yet another computer, I decided to bring the SANE backends to the ReadyNAS. As a result, I proudly presend sane-backends_1.0.20-readynas-0.1.0. Using this addon will add support for a vast variety of USB scanners to your ReadyNAS.
To use the scanner attached to your ReadyNAS, you’ll also need a compatible SANE frontend. Those are available for Linux and Windows (XSane) as well as for Mac OS/X (TWAIN SANE, even already with a version for Snow Leopard).

Some screenshots (taken on Linux):


XSane found the Canon scanner attached to my ReadyNAS DUO

Define the actual scanning area

The result ...

For the time being, there’s no version for the ReadyNAS PRO/NVX, but if time permits, there’ll be one shortly.

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7 thoughts on “Make your ReadyNAS your scanning hub

  1. Sebastian Weiß

    Hallo Stefan,
    keine Ahnung, ob man auf diesem Wege mit dir in Kontakt kommt, aber ich versuche es einfach mal.
    Ich habe dein Sane Backend (xxx.22) für Intel auf einem Readynas Pro (RAIDiator 4.2.22) installiert. Es funktioniert super mit meinem alten Canon Lide 30 (Plustek Backend). Echt super … leider nur bis zum Neustart des NAS. Ich habe direkt nach der Installation des Add-ons sowohl mit Xsane von Windows aus, mit “sane-find-scanner”, als auch mit “scanimage -L” Erfolg: found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 (Canon), product=0x220e (CanoScan) … at libusb:003:002. Nach einem Neustart findet Xsane nichts mehr. “sane-find-scanner” findet den Scanner genauso wie zuvor aber “scanimage -L” sagt, dass kein Scanner gefunden wird. Ich habe schon versucht in der plustek.conf den Scanner genau anzugeben, als auch in der /dev/udev/rules.d/80-drivers.rules versucht dem device die Rechte 777 zu vergeben – leider bin ich ne Linux-Niete. Kannst du mir helfen?

  2. Brian

    It’s been a while since you published this, but I just now thought it was time to try to get scanning working on my Readynas Ultra 4, but your XSane addon has disappeared from all sites I can find. Any chance you can share it somewhere again, or even the source?

  3. Kiran Jonnalagadda

    I too found this when looking for some way to get my scanner onto the LAN instead of yet another computer. Your binary appears to be for Sparc processors. My ReadyNAS Duo V2 has an ARM processor. Any chance you have an ARM build or there’s source I could compile from?


  4. Stefan Rubner Post author

    I built the SANE add-on for R4Sparc/x86 because it wasn’t included in the Debian distribution they are based on. For R5 and newer there are packages available in the respective Debian repos. So all you have to do is to enable SSH access to your ReadyNAS, log on to the command line and issue the command “apt-get update && apt-get install sane”


  5. Kiran Jonnalagadda

    Thanks for the tip, Stefan. I’ve SSHed in and am installing SANE. apt-get dist-upgrade gave me a bit of a hiccup — one of the upgraded libraries overwrites a file provided by Netgear’s Samba, and MySQL wouldn’t start, but I’ve got that sorted out and SANE and its 101 dependencies are now installing.

  6. Stefan Rubner Post author

    On the ReadyNAS you never, ever do a “dist-upgrade”, that’s why I gave the command to install SANE the way I did ;)


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