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  1. Mick Dann

    Just a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts with the iSCSI for ReadyNAS – my NV+ now has a 688GB target which is attached to my Mac.

  2. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope I’ll come around to provide a full featured web setup sometimes soon ;)

  3. Ward "Xmodem & BBSs" Christensen


    I was just telling a fellow fan, that although I’ve only had my ReadyNAS for 3 days, I LOVE it, but wish it had iSCSI as I wanted to learn about that.

    THEN there you are!


  4. Wes

    Hi Stefan.

    Thank you so much for putting out a method for iSCSI on the Readynas Duo.

    Can you send me your email address? I found two bugs in the newest version and would like to send them over to you for review.



  5. Lachlan Simpson

    Hi Stefan

    I have just discovered your Plex add-on and i’m loving it!! I’ve just ordered an Apple TV 2. Thanks so much for the best add-on i’ve used on ReadyNAS.


  6. Bruce

    I have a ReadyNAS Duo running RAIDiator 4.1.12. Will Kmotion ever be available for this platform?

  7. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Nope, since the drivers needed aren’t available for the Kernel this device is using. Sorry.

  8. Jens Helander

    Hi Stefan!

    Is there still a working PureFTPd/Virtual user-installer around (for R4x86) somewhere?
    I’ve seen videos of it in action on YouTube, but I can’t find it downloadable anywhere.

    It seems to be a great implementation of PureFTPd and I would be very interested in using it.
    Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to compile my own version from source code.

    I understand that you are the developer to the one that still is promoted at readynas forum and under Add-ons at readynas.com.
    But the links there are dead. Can I buy it directly from You?

    And as I understand it I also need a working PHP-implementation to get it working.
    Is yours the one I need?

    Best Regards

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