Rip, Store and Stream

ripnasJust found the RipNAS system on the web. The concept sounds interesting: Use 2.5″ notebook HDDs together with an Intel Atom CPU and plenty of RAM, add a CD-ROM drive and you get your noiseless automatic ripping station.


The RipNAS will rip every CD inserted into the drive, fetch album meta data and album arts automatically and convert to either FLAC, Apple lossless, WMA oder MP3. It supports SquuezeBox and iTunes streaming and also provides network shares that are compatible with Windows and other CIFS clients like the Sonos system.
The base station comes with 640 GB (2 x 320 GB drives), the bigger version sports 1 TB (2 x 500 GB). If that’s not enough for your collection, you can add a storage module and upgrade to up to 7 TB of storage. I’d be really interested to get my hands on one of those to see whether it really works as advertised.