Slowing down

This has been a very hectic couple of weeks. Not only the beta testing for the (now not so) new Netgear ReadyNAS boxes with ARM architecture: the Duo v2 and the NV+ v2. But also building add-ons for the new interface. Currently available are:

Especially the new web interface was a major obstacle there for in some situations it behaves quite different than the old and trusty Frontview. But now that I’ve got the hang of it I’m quite confident that more stuff is going to follow soon. And of course updates to the ReadyNAS Sparc stuff that has been put on hold for doing the ARM thing ;) Since I’ve just upgraded this site to WordPress 3.3, I might do an add-on for that as well – we’ll see.

For now it’s relaxing time – at least until the end of the week.

3 thoughts on “Slowing down

  1. Claudio Carbone

    Hi, any change of an update for Dnsmasq for Sparc?
    I sent you a PM on the forum: there are some problems with the Raidiator 4.1.8 and configurations aren’t loaded anymore.
    Hope you can help, you’re doing a great work!

    Looks like the new ARM Nv+ is really a nice thing! I’ve read of almost 100MB/s seq reads! Can you confirm? That would surely induce me to turn from the PRO models…

  2. Kiran

    Are you likely to release SANE for ReadyNAS DUO V2 (arm based) in the near future? I bought a ReadyNAS V2 box recently and am really looking for this add-on.

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