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Best Summing-up of Google’s new Search App for iPad

Yep its great and now they can move on to a decent Google+ app for iPad.
–Carlos Rodrigues

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Android to grow faster than iPhone in 2009?

The number of phones shipped using Google’s Android platform is set to grow much faster than the iPhone this year, estimates from Strategy Analytics maintain today.


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iPhone: Admin’s Best Friend?

So there I was, playing with the currently “most wanted mobile phone on earth”. Game over now, the iPhone is back with Apple. Now, what did I take from playing with it? First, it’s addictive as hell. Totally. Once you’ve got your hands on it for more than five minutes, you really so want one. Second, without a good service plan, it’s only half the fun. With Internet access being so easy you’ll want to use it. Anytime, anywhere. Third, it’s not fit for hardcore admin use – yet. That’s because it lacks two features I absolutely need: Skype and an SSH terminal. Both of which may show up in time now that the SDK is available. Still, it makes me wonder that Apple built VPN capabilities into the phone but didn’t offer an SSH terminal. Sure, you could install one by jailbreaking the iPhone but I didn’t want to do that to an eval unit. This hurts even more since I found out that I could really use the onscreen keyboard – something I wasn’t really sure about before testing the iPhone.
So, for now it’s still the BlackBerry for me. But maybe, I will have another look in 60 days. If I weren’t an admin, I’d run not walk to get an iPhone.