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ReadyNAS Package PHP5-IMAP: Dependency Hell

I just uploaded the PHP5-IMAP package to ReadyNASFreeware.org. This was harder than expected because of some really ugly dependency problems introduced with RAIDiator 4.1.5.

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ReadyNAS iSCSI: New Version from SVN fixes Windows client disconnect

The latest revision (r212) from SVN for the iSCSI Enterprise Target fixes a bug that could cause Windows clients to lose the connection to the iSCSI target. So I decided to upgrade the iSCSI Target for ReadyNAS right away. From the SVN log:

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ReadyNAS libc-client2001

As I already said, there’s a little problem when trying to update your ReadyNAS with software from the “Sarge” repository: There’s almost no copy of that left on the net. However, even if you find one (or use my “Sarge mirror”), there’s a problem with files that were already outdated even while “Sarge” was still maintained. One of these is


, the IMAP client. This poses an interesting problem:

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ReadyNAS: New “Sarge” Repository

While playing with my old but trusty ReadyNAS NV I found that most if not all official Debian mirrors by now have deleted their archives of “Sarge”. No wonder, since that release is quite dated now. However, the operating system of the ReadyNAS is based on “Sarge” which makes installation of addons almost impossible. Luckily I found some mirrors in Taiwan and Croatia that still had all the files.

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Developing on the ReadyNAS: The right Config

One reason why I like the ReadyNAS products from Netgear is that they’re basically Linux system. That means in theory I can compile and use all the stuff that’s out there in the Open Source. In reality, this sometimes isn’t just that easy. Especially on the NV/NV+/Duo/1100.

That’s because some projects still use very old versions of




to determine the system they are being compiled on. You will recognize such applications by the error “unknown system type” when trying to compile them on your ReadyNAS. But this can be fixed easily.

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ReadyNAS: New RAIDiator – Same iSCSI Target ;)

Netgear recently updated the ReadyNAS firmware to RAIDiator 4.1.5. This version contains some fixes and updates but doesn’t change the base kernel version used. Thus, the iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS will continue to work unchanged.

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Sonos plays iTunes – finally

sonos_itunesNow this is the one feature I’ve been waiting for ever since I got my Sonos system:

“When Apple announced that all of iTunes would be DRM-free, we jumped for joy. Now, in addition to every other music format, Sonos can proudly say it works with iTunes… all over the house.”

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NcFTP 3.2.1 for ReadyNAS

Today I finally got fed up enough with the crippled and outdated version of NcFTP shipped with the ReadyNAS that I compiled my own version. The result is ncftp-3.2.1-ReadyNas.tar.gz.

Installation ist quite easy:

  1. If you haven’t done already, install the ReadyNAS extensions ToggleSSH and EnableRootSSH
  2. Copy the file to your ReadyNAS, preferrably to the /root directory using scp.
  3. Log on to the shell of your ReadyNAS using ssh as user “root”.
  4. Change to the / directory, eg “cd /”.
  5. Unpack the archive using “tar xzf /path/to/ncftp-3.2.1-ReadyNas.tar.gz”
  6. Enjoy

All files will be unpacked to /usr/local, not overwriting any existing copies of the ncftp tools previously installed. To use the new version you may have to log out and log in again.
As always: Works for me, ymmv. If using this software breaks your ReadyNAS you own the parts.

iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS updated

UPDATE: Instead of writing ever new blog posts, an always up-to-date page for the iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS is now available.

Since the iSCSI project has released a new stable version I felt it was time to upgrade the iSCSI Kernel Modules and Utilities for ReadyNAS. Klicking on the link will give you version 0.4.16 which contains the following changes:


  • fix overzealous assert() in digest_data()
  • add checking on return value of ISCSI_PARAM_GET
  • 2.6.22, 2.6.23 and 2.6.24 compile fixes
  • add conn->rwsize check
  • avoid potential NULL-ptr dereferences in rx and tx buffer
  • fix the shell syntax in init scripts
  • fix digest endieness on LE archs
  • fix SPARC alignement issues
  • fix DISTDIR in Makefile for /etc install
  • add support to nullio for volumes > 2TB
  • remove init.d memory size adjustment
  • add error code reporting to blockio_open_path
  • blockio gen_scsiid bug fix
  • add verbosity to kernel output and task management

Installation is the same as described here with one exception: The supplied configuration example is now named /etc/ietd.conf.sample, so installing the version won’t overwrite an existing configuration file. On a fresh install you’ll have to rename the example configuration to /etc/ietd.conf before you can actually use the iSCSI target support.

ReadyNAS goes iSCSI

UPDATE: Instead of writing ever new blog posts, an always up-to-date page for the iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS is now available.

iSCSI target on the ReadyNAS

As much as I like the ReadyNAS, there’s one feature I’ve been missing since day one: Being able to define an iSCSI target. Well, since the code is out there, I set about to make it work on the ReadyNAS. Luckily, there’s now some sort of development kit available, and for I had a spare ReadyNAS unit to break, there was nothing to stop me. To cut a long story (with many gory details) short: Mission accomplished.

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It still works … for now

After I halfways bricked my ReadyNAS NV (won’t tell) and needed a replacement unit for backup quickly, Netgear was nice enough to provide me with a spare unit they got returned from evaluation lease. I was warned about the shape of the unit in advance but I have to admit that I’ve never seen something like this before:

Abused ReadyNAS

As you can see, the front door is broken off, the drive bays have to have been hammered in (I needed a little crowbar to pull the one in slot one out again). Also half of the screws were missing from the chassis, the sides were dented and scratched and to top it all off the inner steel framework was bent so that the whole thing won’t get all four rubber feets on the ground when placed on a flat surface.

Hell, what kind of eval was that? How the ReadyNAS would make for a replacement football? Considering the shape and the fact that the hard drives were missing, the first thing I checked was whether the RAM was still present.  It was. So I plugged in the power and network cords, put some hard drives in the bays, pressed the power button and … hooray … the beaten up ReadyNAS NV+ still works. I’ll have to upgrade it to the latest firmware release before I can start the backup. That’s probably a good way to determine whether there are other, invisible damages to the product.

It’s really sad to see how some folks handle products they get as free evaluation units. Just the fact that you get them for free doesn’t mean that they don’t have any value. Now I understand a lot better why companies are getting more and more reluctant to provide eval units to editorial staff and freelancers.

Nice ReadyNAS Widget

Just stumbled over this little gem which in fact is a bit older already:

Gives a nice overview of the ReadyNAS‘s health for Mac users. Sorry for the Windows world though: still no widget for you.