3 thoughts on “This any good?

  1. Hansa

    Well have only good things to say about Asus.
    Had 1 with me to Mexico for a year under rather harsh conditions and it never failed once!

    And i have use 2 more Asus laptops and they held the same high standard…

  2. ikbennietsaai

    I used an Asus A6Va for several (i think 5) years.
    Brilliant machine; no problems, apart from a faulty dvd-rom drive which was replaced fast and correct by the RMA department.

  3. Ashleigh

    I have used Asus motherboards in my home-built PC’s for years, with no trouble. They do a nice low-end server/high-end engineering workstation motherboard (P7F-X) that I have used a couple of times – it’s very nice with a Xeon in it.

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