Time for a new Mac?

I really love my Macs. Well, mostly. But lately, it’s more like a love-hate relationship. My Macbook will only wake up from sleep on the second or third keystroke. While I’m typing, it sometimes freezes for a while and when it comes back, it will echo the first character I typed before it went into “lala-mode” for eternity (makes editing scripts in


real fun, btw.).
And then, there’s the Macbook Pro.


It has the usual screen flicker, not only when running on battery but even with the power cord conected and the display set to highest level of brightness. Ok, I can live with that (well, most of the times). The keyboard is not the quality I’m used to but that’s bearable, too. But what really pisses me off is that I keeps loosing it’s network connection.

And no, that’s not related to complex graphics or gaming. It’s just so, no matter whether it’s a wired or a wireless connection and I don’t need to run facy apps,


will suffice. See, if the MBP would be of age, I could cope with the problems. But it’s worse than the problems I have with my Macbook, and the Macbook is three years older than the MBP.

Well, there was a time I bought Macs for a reason. More than one reason to be precise. Many of those reasons still apply. But I really miss the durability of my old iBook (which still acts as the primary work horse for my aunt without any glitch whatsoever).
So, maybe, the switch to Intel wasn’t really that good an idea after all. Long term effects and such, you know ;) Or maybe Apple is suffering what I call the “Mercedes-Benz Effect”.

Mercedes-Benz used to build cars you just couldn’t break. They’d run for 400k miles and more and show no sign of rust or other fatigue (I was lucky to be the owner of one of these). But about ten years ago that was no more. And so it seems to be with Apple’s computers. Where they used to build computers that would just work and not break, they now build computers that mostly work and sometimes break. Would be great if the next generation could do better again.

Personally, I’m going to sell off my stock of Apple hardware and hope for the better with the new gear I’m (still) going to buy from them. But then, some folks I met recently told me, that I better cut down on my expectations. And guess what, they all own new MBP’s …