VLC 0.9.9a released

videolanclient_099aThe folks from Videolan.org some days ago released a new version of the best video player for the Mac (and other platforms, too): VLC 0.9.9a – where the “a” is a Mac only version. Besides improved RealMedia playback on the Mac, there are several other enhancements and fixes in this version.


The fixes are:

  • fullscreen behaviour on Windows with multiple screens,
  • workaround bug with libxml2 >=2.7.3,
  • video performance on Intel-based Macs,
  • various decoders updates on Windows.

An experimental native decoder for Real Video 3.0 & 4.0 using FFmpeg has been added and many fixes happened in the Real Media demuxer. This should improve Real Media Files support on all platforms.

For release 0.9.9a let me quote the developers:

This update is Mac OS X only. It fixes VLC’s behaviour on PowerPC-based Macs and includes updated libraries for all Mac OS X platforms.
In order to take full advantage of VLC 0.9.9’s features, including native Real Video playback, we recommend all Mac users to update to this new release.
Due to a lack of active Mac OS X developers, these issues remained unnoticed for the last release. We are sorry for the noise and are looking for enthusiastic Mac developers to help and support us.

Well, I’m already involved in too many Open Source projects and also I don’t know nothing about video programming. But maybe some of my readers can help out there. Yes, that means you.