Welcome Mr. DREAM

Following heavy recommendations from Julian, my new TV tuner arrived today.


The DM600PVR is ment to replace my beloved Gigaset M740AV which apparently suffers from senile decay, forgetting connections and – worst of all – no longer recording my wife’s series properly.

So the choice went to the DREAM box. Not so much because of the adjustable Linux firmware. I only have DVB-T at my house so watching PayTV for free is no option anyhow. DVB-T is also the reason why I think the small device should do for my needs. Usually I tend to favor a bigger, mightier solution if possible.

The main arguments for this purchase were the proved LAN functionality, the multiplicity of the machine, Julian’s resistless recommendations and – sure – the option for future FW upgrades.

Coming home today will put heavy pressure on me. I will roughly have two hours to eat, fight the kids into bed and have the new device installed. 8:45 pm is a hard deadline. The TUR:CRO match is chosen to be the first project of Mr. DREAM.