ZenOSS 2.4 Beta on Ubuntu

Just so I don’t forget it when the next beta cycle for ZenOSS is due:
To successfully have ZenOSS generate graphs on Ubuntu one needs to do

apt-get install ttf-liberation
apt-get install libgcj-common

and restart the system afterwards.

2 thoughts on “ZenOSS 2.4 Beta on Ubuntu

  1. Matt Ray

    FYI we’re updating the stack installer to include those dependencies, so it shouldn’t be an issue in the actual release.

    Matt Ray
    Zenoss Community Manager

  2. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Great news, thanks. Currently fighting with getting ZenOSS up and running on Solaris 10, though. Not quite there yet, but once I’m finished, I might as well write about it here or elsewhere ;) Now, since you’re going to include those dependencies, would you think I should wait for the next release before I continue my Solaris efforts?

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