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  1. William Batchelor IV

    Im having problem using kmotion with my Foscam ip camera. Its the outdoor version and i have ordered the Foscam indoor version and hope to use both cameras via kmotion. True the cameras come with software, however i own a Readynas ultra plus 2bay and very much like to control everything through MY network. I have tried to view youtube videos as a tutorial but the when zooming in it becomes pixelated. I went as far as obtaining a account and nothing. Here is what i was putting into the ” URL” box — , , If you could shed some light on what i need to enter or if the outdoor version is incompatable. And also in your vid tutorial you talked about what the screen might look like in the event a upgrade is available…. So how do i update it, it’s im big red letters and it dosn’t link me anywere.

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