Belkin PlayMax Saves The Day

Belkin PlayMax Router - not a beauty but has powers within ;)
Today seems to be one of these days again. Just when I started working on some projects my wireless router died. LuckilyBelkin has sent me a PlayMax router just a couple of days ago so I decided to use that one as a drop-in replacement. Installing the hardware was a breeze since all cables were already attached. Connecting to my home network only required to plug in one additional network cable. I skipped configuration and used the credentials provided on the card attached to the router to connect to the wireless network. No problems there either so I was up and running again in under five minutes. Nice: from my first judgement the PlayMax has an enhanced coverage zone. Signal strength on my Macbook Pro is a lot better than with the old WLAN router. So my first impression is very positive, we’ll see how it plays out in the long run.