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  1. Jibweb

    Great ! Do I have something special to do to install it? I haven’t found the folder in which you store owncloud config (because of the strange organisation of the folders conccerning apache in the nas)
    I can just remove the old plugin and install this one?

    Finally, is it really compatible with a readynas Duo v2 Cloud Edition (just checking, since a new version of this nas has begun to be sold recently)

    Thanks a lot !

  2. Mike Smith

    Hi, I find that you have developed Git for ReadyNAS, but I can never seem to locate a real download. Netgear’s site unfortunately does not work well, and their support is, well, unsupportive!
    I have a ReadyNAS 312 (which I very much like) but it looks as though your Git might not work for it anyway. Do you know if Git can be installed on that unit (Firmware 6.1.5)? I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price for an installation…
    Thanks much!

  3. Stefan Rubner Post author


    You should be able to install Git on your ReadyNAS by enabling SSH access. Then log into your NAS as the user “root” and afterwards simply do a “apt-get update && apt-get install git”. This should give you a base Git install you can then tailor to your needs.


  4. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Since PHPMyAdmin is used to manage MySQL databases, there is no default login and password. Rather the login and password to use depends on the settings of the MySQL server you’re trying to access. In case of the ReadyNAS there are different options: Either you have an R4 ReadyNAS. There the username is “root” with no password. On R5 and R6 MySQL isn’t enabled by default, so there is no login att all until you install/enable MySQL on those systems.

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