Cyberduck 3.2 released

crow_224My favorite (S)FTP client for the Mac, Cyberduck, is available in a new version. Release 3.2 features some bug fixes and a bunch of new gimmicks features:


  • [Feature] Choose Time Zone for bookmark (FTP) [#434]
  • [Feature] IPv6 Interoperability with support for EPSV and EPRT commands (FTP) [#2539, #2885]
  • [Feature] UTF8 charset negogiation [draft-ietf-ftpext-utf-8-option-00] (FTP)
  • [Feature] Support for directory listings using MLSD [RFC 3659] (FTP)
  • [Feature] Support for Modification Time (MFMT) extension [draft-somers-ftp-mfxx-04] (FTP)
  • [Feature] Support for hierarchical directory structure (Mosso)
  • [Feature] Added Espresso to the list of supported editors ( [#2823]
  • [Feature] Display date of transfer [#1462]
  • [Feature] Display percentage transferred [#2618]
  • [Feature] Option for big sized icons in bookmark list
  • [Feature] Drag URL to browser window to open connection [#2326]
  • [Feature] Display realm of HTTP authentication (WebDAV) [#3083]
  • [Bugfix] Update passwords in Keychain [#2984]
  • [Bugfix] Only reauthenticate when needed (Mosso) [#2876]
  • [Bugfix] Invalid Origin parameter when creating CloudFront distribution (S3) [#3068]
  • [Bugfix] Improve Interoperability (WebDAV) [#2974, #3076]
  • [Bugfix] Different recursive permissions for directory and files [#1787]