Mac and Solaris: Fix the “xterm-color” issue

Every time I connected to a Solaris machine from my Mac using ssh I ran into the dreaded “WARNING: terminal is not fully functional” problem. The reason is that the Mac sets its terminal type to “xterm-color” which isn’t known to Solaris. After fiddling with the termcap file with no success, I found the solution buried in the various tips on Phil’s site.
Just copy the xterm-color file provided by Phil (local copy) to the /usr/share/lib/terminfo/x/ directory. Done. Maybe you have to logout and login again to make it work, but that’s it.

2 thoughts on “Mac and Solaris: Fix the “xterm-color” issue

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  2. Makea

    I’ve lived with this for years. On every OS X upgrade since 10.0 Public Beta i’ve changed the Terminal app to vt100.

    Great tip!

    BTW, stumbled across your blog by googling for more information on the new Netgear iScsi paid for add-on.

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