Make your ReadyNAS a Wake-on-LAN Hub

Today an interesting request came up in the ReadyNAS forums: Would it be possible to build an add-on that could send Wake-on-LAN (WoL) packets to any host on your local network? You bet it is ;) Took me a bit time to fiddle in the password protection but here you go:

Version for the x86 ReadyNAS line: ReadyWOL_0.1-readypro-0.1.3.bin
Version for the Sparc ReadyNAS line: ReadyWOL_0.1-readynas-0.1.3.bin

After installation you can wake any machine on your LAN by requesting a special URL from your ReadyNAS. And once you’ve properly configured your router, you can even wake up machines while you’re on the road.

18 thoughts on “Make your ReadyNAS a Wake-on-LAN Hub

  1. NewAngel

    Hi WhoCares?,

    Excelent solution. But Do you know a tip to do wol for a Readynas Duo ? I think it’s not possible.



  2. Stefan Rubner Post author

    As far as I know the networking chipset of the Duo doesn’t support WoL. Not sure but I believe chirpa said something to that effect on the forums.


  3. NewAngel

    Thx Stefan, if it’s the chipset… It’ll be difficult to start the readynas DUO out from home.

    Have a nice day


  4. Matt

    Hi Stefan!

    Great addon – just what I needed. What I cant get my head around is what I need to configure in my router so that I can issue the WOL from outside my LAN? I have a dynamicDNS address which I assumed would just replace the local IP of my NAS?



  5. Stefan Rubner Post author


    You have to configure port forwarding in your router so that inbound requests on port 80 of your dyndns IP are forwarded to the local IP of your ReadyNAS.


  6. Isaac

    This is great. Is it possible for somebody who is good at web design to make a web page for the program which would save the PC mac address so that when you load the page all you have to do is click on a button.

  7. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Should be possible, yes. But then I’d rather do a management interface where you can add all the MACs you possible want to wake and make the other thing a drop down menu. This would separate the admin from the user which may be a good thing.

  8. MF Quraishi

    I used the readyWOL add-on on my ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer for a year now with excellent result and I LOVE IT. However, I have had to RMA my unit and Netgear has sent me a ReadyNAS Pro 6. readyWOL will not work – the error message I get says it conflicts with something already active on the readynas, but I can’t figure out what it is? Any ideas? I have used the config file from my old readynas to get the new one set up exactly the same. Thanks!

  9. Stefan Rubner Post author

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Pro6 available for testing here so all I can say right now is that it works fine on my older Pro and my Ultra. What’s the exact error message you’re getting? Maybe this gives me some hint as to where to look.


  10. Mohammed Quraishi

    Stefan, thanks for the quick reply – I can’t reproduce the problem. It occurred before I migrated my old data onto the new chassis. Once I put in all my old disks to the new chassis, the issue had resolved and ReadyWOL was working again without a hitch. Thanks again for a great little add-on for the ReadyNAS!!

  11. Mark Kulp

    Hi Stefan, I would love to get this utility working. I’m sure there is something I’m doing wrong though. I have a ReadyNAS Pro and set the WOL checkbox to accept WOL packets. Then on my Linksys WRG54GS, where I am using DHCP, I set the Port Range Forward Start and End to 80, and set the IP Address to my ReadyNAS ( But hen I send the packet (on my local network) using this command:” I get nothing (IE cannot display the webpage). Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

  12. Gary P

    Hi Stefan, Thanks for the addon i got it all setup and working. I am using my iphone to send the magic packet to the readynas at home to wake up my pc. On the iphone you can save the URL as a home page icon and lanch the url from there, Can you please help me in adding an icon to the WOL addon installed on my readyans. I guess i will have to SSH onto the readynas and find the WOL in the addons folder and upload a .png icon ??

    Thanks for your time

  13. Simon

    I really like this idea but wonder if someone can help answer a question I have. I’m about to purchase a Ready Nas Ultra 2 but was wondering if the NAS itself can be woken up over the Internet or will the same router restrictions apply that prevent me from directly waking up my PC over the Internet come into play? The restriction being that home routers generally do not allow broadcasting of magic packets on your LAN from the Internet. btw I am using the Netgear R6300 and it is also Telnet deficient.

    Does this method depend on the Readynas already being online or can it be woken up over the internet before using it to further wake up other PC’s on the LAN?

    This Netgear url implies that it can be woken up over the internet:

    “Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
    And if you will be on the road, you can simply shut off the ReadyNAS Ultra. When you need to access it, you can use the Wake-On-LAN feature to wake it up. Now, that sure beats running a PC, a monitor, keyboard and mouse at 100W+ 24/7.”

    But numerous emails to Netgear have resulted in contradictions to this and further confusing indirect answer being given.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Stefano Ceccato

    Hi Stefan,

    find a version for spark , but te link is dead …

    thank you


  15. Brian

    I would also really like this but have run in to broken links. Is it still possible to get it?

  16. Stefan Rubner Post author

    I’ll add the ReadyWoL add-on to when I get back to my home office. Most likely Friday or over the weekend.

  17. Christian


    I tried to checkout readyWOL at the rnxtras, but the download URL is just giving me an .html file. How can I download the .bin?


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