OpenSUSE Bigmouth

A while ago I posted an entry about “How to fix SuSE 10.0 for the Adaptec ATA 2400A RAID controller”. This went quite unnoticed except for one rant from Hannes Reinecke who seemed to be a bit pissed about me writing a blog entry instead of reporting the bug to the OpenSUSE developers. Well, I replied that my experiences with (Open)SuSE weren’t the best when it came to fixing bugs. Since there was no further reply, I left it at that. Now that OpenSUSE 10.1 is available I gave it a spin today. Now guess what’s *not* fixed in this release … Most likely Hannes Reinecke still waits for me to officially report the bug before he can do anything about it. See, same procedure as ever at (Open)SuSE. Didn’t I say so?Anyway. In case your I2O controller doesn’t behave with OpenSuSE 10.1, the fix is still the same: Move the directory /lib/modules/<kernel-revision>/kernel/drivers/messages/i2o out of the way by renaming it.