iSCSI Support for ReadyNAS

You most likely got here by looking for the “iSCSI Target Support for ReadyNAS“. Unfortunately, your quest isn’t over yet, since the downloads have moved to a new location. This way it’s easier for me to release updates and, to be frank, it’s easier for you to find them.


I will still update this page whenever there’s a new release available.

Current iSCSI Releases for ReadyNAS:

    This is the current release built from the “stable” branch of the iSCSI Enterprise Target Project

56 thoughts on “iSCSI Support for ReadyNAS

  1. Stefan Rubner Post author

    My guess would be that Windows is caching the information about the iSCSI device somewhere. So you may try to change the ID of the newly created volume and see whether Windows will pick that change up and show you a new drive. Since I don’t have a Windows machine to test with, all I can do is wish you luck there.


  2. David Reade

    Are there any plans to release iSCSI support for the ReadyNAS Duo v2 model?

  3. james waterhouse

    ReadyNas iSCSI support.

    Hi There

    The site hosting the files appears to have gone down. I have tried following the instructions on your site to install but it appears the .bin file i need to upload to teh ReadyNas isnt available.

    Do you have this?



  4. Charlie Root isn’t working. Is there another location to get your iscsi target from?

  5. Glenn Crawford appears to be dead – is there any chance you have a copy of the iSCSI for ReadyNAS NV+ lying around anywhere?

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