Sonos Megafail

I’ve been a Sonos fan for some years now. No more. Two weeks ago I sent in my defective ZP100. Had to pay a service fee of € 103,08 to get it fixed or a replacement unit. Today the replacement unit arrived. Oh boy, how happy I was. Now I’d finally be able again to listen to music while working – or so I thought.

So I wired the device but when I plugged in the power cord there was this faint “brzzzt!” sound. “BRZZT?!?” I thought and did a closer inspection of the box sent to me. As I feared, the voltage switch on the back was set to 110V. 110V!

WHO THE FREAKING FUCK SENDS OUT REPLACEMENT UNITS SET TO 110V IN **GERMANY** ??? Without attaching anything like a little note or a sticker to the unit, saying something in the way of “WARNING, Check voltage setting on the back!”. Oh well, so now I paid € 103,08 for a ZP100 that never had a chance to play some music. And I’m so pissed that I consider selling off all my remaining Sonos stuff. Any takers? but will keep the other stuff nevertheless.

Update: Sonos just sent an email telling me that they’re going to send an advance replacement unit. That’s not only blazingly fast. It’s also very nice and I’m mollyfied a great deal.