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Schlimmer geht immer

Immer wenn ich denke, jetzt kann Werbung nicht mehr schrottiger werden, kommt ein neuer Held ums Eck und belehrt mich eines Besseren.

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I feel heavily tempted

Sonos S5

What a coincidence. The day after my ZP100 died completely (guess I’ve been too happy there) Sonos announces the S5. Looks like a very good replacement for my ZP100 and as Volker put it: I guess I don’t want just one, but more. Not half a dozen, but two or three would definitely be nice. We’ll see, Christmas is near anyway ;)


Sonos System Revived

Since I had some spare time today, I decided to try Volker’s tips to revive my halfways broken Sonos setup. My problem was that one player wouldn’t show up at all while a second one would drop from the network after five to 15 minutes. While I was on it i decided to clean out the ZP100 because it tended to get a bit too warm for my liking. Actually there was nothing to clean out so I guess I have to live with it.

After that was done I found that I had to upgrade both of my switches – the main GS716T as well the GS108T in the office – to new firmware releases to be able to set the SPT priority. A major obstacle there was the fact that to update the switch you need to use Internet Explorer so I had to first install XP in a virtual machine before I could actually upgrade the switches. Not nice from Netgear. Since this isn’t documented anywhere it took me a while to figure that one out.


I then disconnected all Zone Players from the network and from their power source. Then I reconnected the ZP100 in my office. Once that one showed up in the Sonos Controller I reconnected the ZP80s in the living room and in my room. Until now no more dropouts or missing players. I’m a happy camper again ;)


VLC media player 1.0.0 – Goldeneye

The best video player for Linux, Mac and Windows finally made it to version 1.0.0 ;) Go grab it here.

You’ll get:

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Open Source inspires Open Music

When O Teatro Magico sell CDs at their shows, they remind buyers “you can download the music for free on the internet, you know” yet people buy their disks by the 100s of 1000s. In fact, they are one of the top selling bands and top-grossing club acts in Brazil. And they do this by giving their audience what they want, not telling their audience what to do.


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Shakes & Fidget

Shakes and Fidget If you’re a bit into computer games and especially the RPGs, you’ll love Shakes & Fidget – even if the current online selection is somewhat crippled by recent actions of Activision Blizzard. Still: A must-read.

The EVA 9150 has landed

eva9150_photoweb_lowresToday seems to be toy day. Right after the Tamron another parcel service delivered the EVA 9150 (aka Digital Entertainer Elite). Since I already own the EVA 8000 with which I’m quite happy, I’m very interested in the improvements the EVA 9150 will have.

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Rip, Store and Stream

ripnasJust found the RipNAS system on the web. The concept sounds interesting: Use 2.5″ notebook HDDs together with an Intel Atom CPU and plenty of RAM, add a CD-ROM drive and you get your noiseless automatic ripping station.

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Fluke makes iTunes play FLACs


Fluke is a small Mac OS X utility that lets you listen to your FLAC files right within iTunes without needing to convert anything. Simply feed your FLAC’s into it and watch the magic happen!

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VLC 0.9.9a released

videolanclient_099aThe folks from Videolan.org some days ago released a new version of the best video player for the Mac (and other platforms, too): VLC 0.9.9a – where the “a” is a Mac only version. Besides improved RealMedia playback on the Mac, there are several other enhancements and fixes in this version.

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Sonos silently updates Desktop Controller for the Mac

Sonos Desktop Controller Update

After a clean upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 (read: a fresh install of one’s Mac) many Sonos users including me were faced with the problem that they suddenly found themselves unable to install the Sonos Desktop Controller. That was because the Installer insisted on the user having to disable some firewall functions which – unfortunately – was impossible for the firewall as we knew it in Tiger is gone in Leopard.

As it were, calls for help on the support forum went mostly unanswered or didn’t provide a working solution. Now today I checked back with the Sonos web site and found that the description for the Sonos Desktop Controller for Mac was updated to include Mac OS X 10.5. So I went and downloaded the file which was still called SonosDesktopController25.dmg. And lo and behold: the file size was different from my previously downloaded copy as well was the creation date. After firing that version up I could finally connect with my ZonePlayers again. Seems like at least someone at Sonoes reads the forums ;)

I just wonder why they didn’t tell anybody that a new version was available. And also why they didn’t change the version number.

And the differences in the application itself